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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Crawford Learning Center


Birthday Book! Photo

Birthday Book!

What a wonderful addition to the CLC!  Thanks for the Boxcar Children set.

Our February Innovation Activity! Photo

Our February Innovation Activity!

Steel, concrete, wood—real bridges are built from many different materials. How do engineers decide which materials to use?  This month our Innovation challenge was to build and test bridges made from different materials.

Parent-Child Bookclub! Photo

Parent-Child Bookclub!

First and Second grade students and their parents!  Join us on Tuesday, March 12th when we will discuss Ballpark Mysteries:  The Fenway Foul-up.  We will meet in the CLC after school.  Bring a snack and be ready to have fun.  Copies are available at the Glencoe Library.  Please, no younger siblings.

“Not A Box” Photo

“Not A Box”

Kindergarten, First and Second graders spent Earth Week in the Innovation Station creating their “not a boxes”.

Parent-Child Book Club Photo

Parent-Child Book Club

First and Second graders and their parents!  Stay tuned for information on our Parent/Child book club.  We will meet Friday afternoons in the CLC.  More information to come soon.

Librarian of the Day! Photo

Librarian of the Day!

Congratulations to our Librarian of the Day!  Great job reading all those books.