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Sunday, June 20, 2021


Extracurricular Activities

Book Review Club

Join in our BOOK REVIEW CLUB! Students will have the opportunity to combine literacy with their creative talents as they design and discuss book reviews for fellow students. All first and second grade students are encouraged to participate in this club which will meet one morning per week throughout the school year.

Guitar Club

Warm up your voices and stretch out those fingers!  Get ready to rock with the South School Guitar Club!  Guitar Club is open to 1st and 2nd graders interested in learning how to play the guitar.  We will focus on developing playing techniques and music reading skills at a beginning level.  Guitar Club meets once a week during each session in the music room and guitars are provided.

Morning Mathematicians

Join us at 8:00 am for 40 minutes of fun math games and cooperative learning. First and second grade students will participate in fun and engaging set of activities, in the course of which they will refine and sharpen their arithmetic and logic skills. This is a great way to start the week! Click here to visit the Math Club website.

Native Plant Garden Club

The native plant garden club will provide students with opportunities to have hands-on experiences in the outdoors.  Students will learn about the environmental benefits of an Illinois native plant garden and develop an appreciation for nature.  In the fall, we will observe and keep a journal of the natural changes in the garden while caring for the school grounds.  We will maintain the garden by weeding, planting, watering and collecting seeds.  Class participants will create art projects that will foster memories of their natural experience. Click here to view our Native Garden site

Recycling Club

Join in for earth-friendly activities. Recycle club members will do hands-on projects that relate to our three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. First and second graders are encouraged to join in this monthly group to help our school and the environment.

Video Production Club

Second grade students in the Video Announcements Club will be putting together the video announcements for South School.  Students will be interviewing teachers and students and learning to take digital photos and videos of events at South School.  During each 8 week session the students will also be learning how to use their photos, videos and interviews to create iMovies that will be shared with the South School Community.

Yoga and Pilates 4 Kids Club

What a wonderful way to start a Friday morning!  Children will learn a playful version of Pilates, relaxing Yoga poses, and participate in creative movement games.  Pilates and Yoga can help children in many healthy, positive ways:  Body awareness, mental concentration, injury prevention, strength and flexibility, self-esteem and confidence, coordination and balance…and it’s FUN!