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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Please be sure to review the DOs and DON’Ts of car line in order to KEEP ALL CHILDREN SAFE.

-DO drive slowly through the school zone. 
-DO NOT double park in front of the car line to pick up or drop off children. 
-DO be considerate and keep driveway entrances open for our neighbors on Madison. 
-DO NOT double park in front of driveways or on side streets. 
-DO NOT use your cell phone in a school zone- it is against the law.
-DO set a good example for our children by following these rules and being respectful of other drivers. 
-DO NOT cut in front of cars that are already in the car line.  Our car line proceeds east on MADISON and turns right on LINDEN.  Please be courteous to others by joining the car line on Madison, NOT from Harbor or Randolph. 

-If a caregiver is picking up in the afternoon carline, please be sure that they have a carline nametag.  Also, if a caregiver is picking up students in a carpool they must know the first and last names of the students. 

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