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Tuesday, September 21, 2021


SOUTH IS SPECIAL!  Each month we will highlight one ‘special-area’ class in our newsletter!  Find out what’s been happening in MUSIC CLASS with Mrs. Wilson!

How exciting it has been to have students back in the music room making music together this year!  We’ve started the year off with some name games while keeping a steady beat.  “Up the Ladder” has been a favorite of 1st and 2nd grade as each student introduced themselves with a dance move, while kindergarten students got to play their names on a drum for “Say Your Name.”  Kindergarten students were introduced to playing classroom instruments on “Join Into the Game” and will be heading to the farm next week to learn how to read music notation from our animal friends.  2nd graders have already been playing xylophones for “Go, Go, Go,” working on playing with a steady beat and alternating hands.  The first graders have also been working on keeping a steady beat with a copycat game.  If you have a first grader, ask them to sing and play “Miss Mary Mack” with you.