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Pedaling Pandas

As we prepare for summer, we also emphasize the importance of safety. Members of our D35 community, along with public safety officials, have shared valuable tips on bike safety for our youngest learners. These guidelines will help ensure a fun and safe summer for all.



South School students observe and interact with cicadas. The children eagerly explore the school grounds, delighted by the chance to learn about these intriguing insects firsthand.

The Power of Play

At South School, we emphasize the critical role of play in early childhood education, recognizing it as a vital tool for developing social and emotional competencies. Through guided and free play experiences, children learn to navigate emotions, build relationships, and enhance communication skills. Tune into our podcast as Dr. Wang engages in a discussion with Dr. Kelly Zonghetti, South School Principal, about the importance of play and opportunities for parents to support play at home.


Our children are given musical experiences beginning in kindergarten and continuing through eighth grade. Through the years, students develop musical skills and a love and appreciation of music as a medium for expression, creative play, and personal achievement. 




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Panel Swamp

Celebrating Our Community

In the late 1970’s, the Glencoe Board of Education chose to reorganize the district from four neighborhood schools to three age-centered buildings. This decision was based on the belief that the District is best served by bringing together all students of a grade level. 

District 35 educates the whole child to...

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…maximize creative and critical thinking skills.
…fully challenge and realize physical, social, and cognitive abilities.
…nurture unique learning styles, interests, strengths, and pace.
…provide a solid foundation for the next phase of education and for learning throughout life.

Celebrating Our Community

District 35 views education as experiences best served by coordinated efforts of parents and the school staff.  Parent involvement through generous support of the Glencoe PTO, volunteers in classrooms and ongoing communication with teachers and school personnel are welcomed and encouraged.  Teachers in grade level and/or subject area teams work closely side-by-side in their planning, decision-making, implementation, and assessment.  Together, we nurture our greatest natural resource – our children.

Growing Every Heart and Mind

The District 35 curriculum is broadly based, reflecting an interest in the academic, social, emotional, artistic, and physical development of children. Problem-solving and decision-making are encouraged through the curriculum and informal situations, such as recess or class meetings in the lower grades and integrated activities at the upper levels.