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History of South School

Glencoe News 1926

South School was built in 1926 and was originally a neighborhood school to welcome the K-5 students surrounding the streets of South School,  In the late 1970’s, the Glencoe Board of Education chose to reorganize the District from four neighborhood schools to three age-centered buildings.  This decision was based on the belief that the District is best served by bringing together all students of a grade level.  In addition, age-centered schools afford the best use of facilities, materials, and faculty, all of which can be focused on the particular needs of an age group.  The atmosphere established in the buildings, support services provided, and programmatic opportunities relate to the specific age range.

South School

SOUTH SCHOOL: Kindergarten, First and Second Grades
South School is known for its warm, welcoming environment.  The children walk through hallways cheerfully decorated with brightly painted murals and displays of their work.  Beautifully maintained courtyards and large exterior windows provide an abundance of natural light to all classrooms.  South School is located adjacent to the Everly Wildflower Sanctuary, Park District playing fields, and Watts Ice Skating Rink.  Each of these areas afford learning and activity opportunities.