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Crawford Learning Center


Library Days: Students will come to the library to return and checkout books each week on their designated day.

Monday: McManus, Corvo, Jimenez, and Pike
Tuesday:  A. Johnson and Wagner
Wednesday: S. Johnson, Adams, Pozen, and Leeds
Thursday: Kolb, Ferguson, and Flanigan
Friday: Nathan, Patterson, Rose, Steck, and Cimino

Kindergarten - 1 book checkout
1st Grade - 2 book checkouts
2nd Grade - 3 book checkouts



Mrs. Stalter aims to ensure that each student at South School identifies the Crawford Learning Center (CLC) as a physically and emotionally safe environment to begin their educational journeys as 21st-century learners.  She will empower students to become lovers of literacy by providing access to quality, up-to-date, print and digital resources representative of our diverse world. 

Students will gain the foundational tools necessary to become discerning and ethical users and creators of information.  The South School community will collaborate in order to design and provide engaging instruction based on the I-SAIL and Common Core State Standards.  These learning experiences will focus on inquiry-based activities encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, digital citizenship, and innovation.

South CLC Director

Jill Stalter

"My name is Mrs. Jill Stalter and I will serve as the school librarian guiding, mentoring, and facilitating your child’s curiosity and love of reading this year in the South Crawford Learning Center."

Find a Book in the South CLC

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